Krakow and Warsaw trip in Poland

Now it’s time for Poland. I had two stays: one in Warsaw and one in Krakow. Comparing to Western Europe the prices are really affordable. It was really interesting journey, I saw places I will never forget, and I don’t mean beautiful views on the mountains ( although those are also beautiful).

Warsaw City by night in Poland
Warsaw City by night- wonderful capital.

I have spent 3 lovely days in the capital, Warsaw. I was sleeping in Hotel Bristol, 5 starts beautiful and stylish building in the city center. The cost of one apartment for the night is around 250 euros. I had a swimming pool, conference hall, wonderful restaurant, spa, fitness suite… And a few minutes to most of Warsaw attractions. I booked a walking tour to see all those most important places and learned some amazing history of this place. Among the attractions were

  • Royal Castle,
  • Warsaw’s University
  • Monument of Warsaw Uprising
  • Main Market Square,
  • Presidential Palace,
  • city walls and Barbican,
  • Krakowskie Przedmieście street

One of the most interesting thing here is a Warsaw Uprising Museum. It’s a modern, interactive place where you can really ,,fell” the history, those times where people were forced to unequal fight. It was recommended to by both people from Poland I met and foreigners who has already been there. Brave Poles!- I though after the visit.

Visit in Krakow and Auschwitz

View from Hotel Kanonicza 22
Krakow- view from Hotel Kanonicza 22

My second destination was Krakow, royal city. I stayed in hotel Kanonicza 22. It was really a royal like place. More or less 5 times more expensive than others in neighborhood. But luxury was fulfilling every single room in this magical building. I felt like a prince in this royal city. In medieval ages it’s been the capital of Poland. I saw the castle where kings were living- Wawel Castle. Nearby ,,lives” The Dragon Wawelski, symbol of Krakow.

I also decided to book an Auschwitz tour, because everyone advised me to do so. I choose Krakow Direct company and they did their like professionals are supposed to do. Auschwitz Concentration Camps are definitely most moving museum I ever seen in my life. Probably because it’s our, modern history and this hell happened in the middle of Europe. Even it’s drastic, I guess every adult in this planet should see it. As a warning.