My adventure in Switzerland

A man relaxing in swimming pool
Relax in hotel’s swimming pool.

I was really lucky to stay in Hotel Villa Honegg in Ennetbürgen. It was really time of relax, admiring beautiful landscapes, swimming slowly in  open swimming pool and eating delicious meals. The price was around 1000 euros per night, which is adequate to the quality of this place. You may watch the mountains from the windows, the same with Lake Lucerne. I was actually so happy that I didn’t want to leave this place! Stylish rooms, elegant furniture, classy lighting… Combined with fresh air, scenic panorama and kind people.

Tourist stay here to hike, walk around the lake, relax in the nature. I was also on the relax- mode and the only thing I did was to chill in the countryside. After a few days of relax, spa and massages and I moved to another destination-  Carlton Hotel in St. Moritz.

Moving from one hotel to another

Geneva, Switzerland
Batiment des Forces-Motrices by sunset, Geneva, Switzerland,

The price per night is around 800 euros.  I was also 5 stars hotel, where I was enjoyed everything it has to offer. I choose of course sauna, Hydro-massage showers and ice fountain. During the first day I decided to try Snowboarding. In the evening I have visited local Casino and even earned some money.  Another interesting activity in the are was  Curling. I couldn’t resist to join  Ice skating children and their parents, but… Why not? My favourite attraction in St. Moritz waere Horse-drawn sleigh rides.

In the end I visited Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva, with the view on the lake. Again, 5 starts hotel and premium quality. I had a lovely, big and comfrotable apartment, access to fitness facilities and golf a few minutes away from my hotel.

In my free time I have visited St. Pierre Cathedral and Palace of Nations, which are a ,,must see” in Geneva I guess. I also have seen Musée Ariana, where I took many nice photographs. My visit in Switzerlands was rather shot, but the country is really beautiful and I recommend it to everyone.