About me- hotels tester

Hello, everyone!

Hotels and swimmingpools
Luxury hotels- this is how my life looks like.

My name is James. Since I got my dream job I would love to share my experiences online. I know it won’t be information that suits many people, because of the price, but still I hope it will be useful. Maybe to encourage you to save some money for dream holidays. Or if your job is paying 🙂 So what is my dream job? Exclusive hotels tester. Comfortable, huge beds, luxury spas, swimming pools, fancy restaurants and the highest services… I can’t complain, really. I enjoy sightseeing tours, socialize and make the hotels to give me the best they can offer. And believe me they do!

Hotels of the highest standards around the world

I usually spend a few days in each hotel to be able to try everything they offer. I have already been In USA, Australia, Indonesia, Republic of India, and, of course Europe. From European countries I had a pleasure of staying in hotels in Spain, Czech Republic, Poland and Norway. We have clients all over the world and I know more and more destinations are waiting for me. I hope to show you some pictures of the places I visit with my personal opinion.

I really do appreciate this. Since I was kid, if we went with my parents and sister for a holidays, we booked affordable, middle class hotels. The same with youth camps. And university city- breaks. Nowadays I have a chance for trying  the most expensive hotels in the country.

Of course it’s not a job for ever. Now I’m young and free, just finished university. I didn’t want to have a job in Economy, which I graduated. Maybe one day. But honestly, I have a job providing me luxury life and good money so… Maybe one day. For now… Travelling!